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Parking & Entrance

Parking - To help ensure that all participants have a place to park, (there is a picture of our parking area and entrance way on my home page).  You will see there is one entrance and three exits. Participants fill up the front row first starting right next to our white truck (not in the picture). Don't worry about blocking the white truck.  Then once the front row is filled up, next person pulls behind the first row of cars and so on.  Make sure if you are in the second row you pull up right behind the car in front of you so folks in the 2nd row can back out and exit from where they entered.  Front row just pulls forward to exit. If you are running late and can't find a place to park, you can park in the circular driveway on the side that is the furthest away from the front row so they can exit.  Please do not park in the road for safety reasons.

Entrance to the studio - enter from the driveway onto the brick patio, across the front porch, turn left at the end of the porch and you will see the door to the stairway.

Staying Connected with Yoga Hot Spot Home Series

Staying Connected with Yoga Hot Spot Home Series

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