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Getting Started With A Home Practice

  • Always try the right way to receive 100% benefit regardless of physical or mental condition

  • You don't need a lot of space, a clear space on the floor where when you lie down you can spread your arms

The following are suggestions for For Series One and Two:

  • It's best if you have a full length mirror.  Not necessary.

  • Yoga mat with full length towel on top - if your mat slips put something underneath it to prevent this

  • You can wear just about anything as long as the clothes don't bind you up

  • Try to be in the warmest place you can and move slow, with awareness and breath!!

  • If you are unable to heat the area, you must wear warm up clothing to prevent the heat from escaping your body.  You should sweat.

  • Hydrate with water 45 minutes to an hour before practice.  Absorption of water into the body takes about this amount of time.  Little sips during practice if needed.  And hydrate with water or electrolytes after class.

  • It is imperative that you do this yoga in heated space.  We certainly understand being able to make it as warm as Yoga Hot Spot's ashram but just move slowly.  Otherwise doing your practice in a cold environment can bring harm to your body.

  • It is how you try the right way that is the single most important factor in receiving the benefits.  Hold the posture the RIGHT way (correct technique) for one second, that will turn into two seconds, etc

  • Technique over depth!

  • Breathing - the single MOST important aspect of yoga.  NEVER hold your breath!  After the warm up breathing, nose breathing only.

Staying Connected with Yoga Hot Spot Home Series

Staying Connected with Yoga Hot Spot Home Series

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