We we are doing


  • We have a few spare masks so if you are on your way and realize you forgot your mask, no worries!!

  • We have UVC lamps.  They kill germs and viruses.  We will be using them after each class and still maintain our intense regimented cleaning procedures listed below.

  • I will be wearing a mask when you arrive, as I enter/leave class and as you depart.  My eyes will be smiling!! 

  • Smaller class size to practice social distancing

  • We can assure you that we will continue taking every action possible to keep our space sanitary and safe, as always.  We use non toxic organic disinfectant products. We clean our ashram, bathroom, shower, reception room, changing rooms and entrance area after EVERY class.  Those of you who practice at our studio know how diligent we are about cleanliness and that has ALWAYS been a fact!

  • We will have a touch less thermometer to take your temperature.

  • Two entrances/exits to the reception room.

  • We don't use props so that is not an issue

  • We will continue to offer organic disinfectant mat spray cleaner and refills that are effective for many things.

  • We continue to practice social distancing as we never face one another

  • I have made organic hand sanitizer which will be available to you just before you enter the enclosed area where you leave your footwear and coats, located on the settee on the porch, on the lower door entrance and just before you enter the ashram.

  • We now offer organic hand sanitizer and refills.

  • Additional hand sanitizers before you enter the reception room and before you enter the ashram.

  • HUGGING - You know I am a hugger!  But for now letโ€™s just show that hug/handshake a few feet apart. ๐Ÿ’“

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