This is not a mandate. Please read the entire text. IF any of the following applies to you: Yoga Hot Spot encourages you to wear a mask upon arrival and until you enter the ashram, remove mask, place under your mat during practice and wear again as you leave the ashram:

1. It feels right for you 2. You feel more comfortable 3. You or someone in your household is immunocompromised or at an increased risk of the flu, common cold or COVID-19 4. You have been exposed to flu, common cold or COVID-19 in the last two weeks

        ALSO, We ask that you use the free organic hand sanitizer available to you when you arrive. They are located: 1. Top of the stairs as you enter 2. Bottom of the stairs 3. OR as you enter the ashram.  I have hand and mat sanitizers for sale.

        ALSO, We ask that you maintain social distancing while waiting for the bathroom

        ALSO, We ask that you take care of all business BEFORE you enter the ashram and set up your mat.

        And while we love to chat and catch up, please expedite your departure.

                                                We got this! You're doing great!!