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Yoga Hot Spot Live Zoom Classes!!

These classes are hybrid  - in person & Zoom

Also, read below on suggestions for

Setting Up Your Personal

At Home Space for a successful practice


  1. Install Zoom on the device you will be using.  If you are not familiar with Zoom, there are lots of tutorials that will help you along.

  2. If you have not  registered on my website,, you will need to do this so you can book your Live Zoom class.

  3. If you have available class passes on your account you can use those to book.  Otherwise you will have to purchase a package via credit card.

  4. Prefer to use your PayPal account to purchase packages?  Contact Christina via email or text.

  5. If you need to purchase a package, I have special discounted pricing options & extended expiration dates due to COVID-19 hardships.

  6. Once you book your class I will send you an invite Zoom link to the class you booked.

  7. I (the host) will let you in 15 minutes before class start time.

  8. To begin class on time, I will not let anyone in five minutes before class time.

  9. If you need to cancel you can do this 12 hours prior to class without being charged.

  10. I will be muting all participants during class.

  11. Make sure your device is set up prior to me letting you in so I can see you from head to toe and I can see your mat from front to back.  MORE ON THIS BELOW.

  12. Give yourself room so you will not hit your head, arm, etc. when practicing.

  13. You DO NOT need to be in a hot room.  Just wear leggings, shorts, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt or such garments as Under Armour, etc. that are comfortable to move in.

Setting up your Personal "At-Home"

Studio Space

HOW do you make yourself get on your mat at home? Even trickier than actually showing up for an in person class? How to keep yourself accountable and practice?

Here’s a quick list for your successful home practice success:

  1. Designate a yoga space. Somewhere that you can keep set up for as long as you need to. SEEING your mat waiting for you to jump on will work wonders on motivating you to GET TO CLASS! Wherever it may be- stake out space and plant your mat!

    • Do you want it HOT? Consider investing in an inexpensive space heater (keep an eye on those power bills).

    • Do you like it humid? If you’re in an enclosed space, consider investing in a small humidifier.

    • Not overly fussed and up for a new experience? Add a few layers of clothes!

  2. Set the mood! Make your space NICE! Like, the most beautiful studio you’ve been to!

  3. Do you care about seeing yourself? Then get a full-length mirror that you can see yourself in. Not fussed about looking and more into the experiment of feeling? Point yourself towards something that you want to look at that you can focus on during class.

  4. In order that I can see you and give you corrections, here’s the deal:

    • Log on to class EARLY so that you’ve got some time to set up. I will be happy to help 15 minutes before class start time!

    • Light your space. I've got to be able to see you.

    • Set your computer or up so that your entire mat is visible (you’ll be able to see your space on the Zoom).

      1. A good rule of thumb is to set your mat at about a 45-degree angle to the camera (so your teacher can see you from more than one perspective).

      2. Set your computer a few feet off of the ground.

      3. Set your device a few feet away. Remember, I will need to see ALL of you while standing and still be able to see you during the floor series.

  5. Have water ready for hydration breaks.

  6. Turn your devices to DO NOT DISTURB. Seriously, texting during a home practice is way too easy a temptation to give in to!

  7. COMMIT to the experience. Make your practices a part of your weekly schedule. Sign-up, sign-in. Be all in for yourself. You’re worth it!!

For scheduled Zoom classes, check out the sub folder under Zoom Class Information Tab

Staying Connected with Yoga Hot Spot Home Series

Staying Connected with Yoga Hot Spot Home Series

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