First off, let me just state clearly and with zero reservations how proud Jim and I are of our community. Many of you know that in December of 2017 my dream came true and Yoga Hot Spot came alive with your loving support!


The number of people who have been coming to classes these past few days has been remarkable and your collective energy has been positive, upbeat and simply magical. You have all filled our hearts with your strength, emotional resilience and beautiful perspectives. We absolutely adore all of you!


Maintaining our well-being during stressful times like this is invaluable and the importance of community is inarguable.


Our attendance numbers have been very good and you've all shown accountability, measured caution and integrity in your actions.

That said, there is a bigger picture to look at here, and it has become increasingly evident to us in the past few days that the only proper, ethical path is to close our doors temporarily and contribute to flattening the curb of this virus. It is the safest measure and the most effective action that can be taken.

Do we know that it is the right thing to do? We can only go with our instincts which tell us deep down that it truly is the most prudent move at this time.

This has not been an easy decision, particularly given the positive energy that we are feeling from tons of smiling faces as they work their bodies and alleviate stress in the hot yoga room.

But we simply have to protect those who may be vulnerable in the face of this ever-growing contagion.

Please take solace in the fact that we will all move together again as a community and that we will all get through this difficult time responsibly, and I know you're with me when I say that we hope and pray it will only be for the short-term.

What does this mean?

The studio closure will be effective beginning Tuesday, March 17th and

class package expirations will all be extended to account for this time missed.

Please understand that we will not be offering refunds of any kind as we will be reopening and will be honouring all passes when we do so.

We will reassess before the two week mark is up and communicate with you where we are at.

If you have any important questions, please feel free to email us at:


We wish you, your friends and your family good health, happiness, levity, perspective, calmness and love.

Warmly and respectfully,

Christina & Jim Buschmann

Yoga Hot Spot Owners/Lead Instructors

P.S. There is growing evidence that suggests the virus cannot thrive in hot environments, though I also understand that this theory has not been fully proven. It is not something that we can rely on scientifically at the moment. How the virus responds to warmer weather and social distancing will be clear soon enough.


PSS. I will be honoring the March Madness participants who have accomplished their goal up to this point. Congratulations!

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