Your heart has a memory.


More aptly titled “cellular memories,” this—partially understood but somewhat inexplicable—phenomenon was explored through a study by the Harvard Medical School in 2009.


Delving into the scientific details would get a little multifarious, but the most effective way to explain this is through case studies of organ transplants.

One study involved a woman named Claire Sylvia. She received a heart and lung transplant from an 18-yr. old boy who died in a motorcycle accident. After her surgery, Sylvia had cravings for beer, burgers and other foods that she never desired before. After some time, she contacted the family of her donor and was in shock that he enjoyed all of the exact same foods.


Our hearts are beautifully complex. We hold certain memories and people “close to our hearts” as the credo states, and I can attest to this when I feel my heart swell during thoughts of all of you.

Don’t believe me? Fine. Ask the Tin Man…


I'd be tender, I'd be gentle

And awful sentimental

Regarding love and art

I'd be friends with the sparrows

And the boy that shoots the arrows

If I only had a heart…

I could stay young and chipper

And I'd lock it with a zipper

If I only had a heart

May this Holiday Season bring you and your family good health and happiness.  And may 2021 be the year where we can all once again be together safely in mind, body and spirt.

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