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We are open and you are doing great!


It's been so lovely to see (part of) all your faces again! 


Thank you for adhering to our new protocols.

Thank you for keeping each other safe.

Thank you for respecting the space that provides us all with so much healing.

Thank you for understanding how difficult this time has been on the business and for showing compassion and gratitude each day.

Thank you for having the courage to disclose your hardships during the past months. We're here to help, yes, but we're also here to listen.

There is love, energy, support and kindness given to each other at the studio as we all navigate this together. We're strong, adaptable and evolved. We got this!

The studio has been open for several months now and while everything is going smoothly,  because of your mindful efforts and dutiful respect for each other's well being, we have not had any reported incidences of Covid-19.

As the cold air moves in, we will be using humidifiers to keep the humidity at a high level in classes. Studies show that humidity of 40% indoors helps to limit the spread of the virus.

"According to the researchers, in a highly humid environment, aerosol particles containing the virus become larger like droplets, and thus, cannot remain suspended in the air." ~ Dr. Sanchari Sinha Dutta

"A humidity level of at least 40 percent in public buildings and local transport would therefore not only reduce the effects of COVID-19, but also of other viral diseases such as seasonal flu. Authorities should include the humidity factor in future indoor guidelines," ~ Dr. Sumit Kumar Mishra of CSIR - National Physical Laboratory in New Delhi

With all the new protocols (you can read all about this under Reopening Guidelines) it can be tougher to feel each other’s loving energy behind all the masks and smell of organic sanitizer in the air; but you can feel the vitality of a room full of people who simply want to better themselves. It’s powerful.

If that powerful energy can be used to transcend your current struggles, all the more reason to embrace it.

Regardless if you are joining us on or off your mat, we're honored to have you in our loving community.

Not ready to join us at the studio quite yet?  No worries.  The FREE home series is still available.

We will continue to offer to our regular participants discounted priced packages with longer expiration dates during COVID - 19 because we will keep our classes small and there may be a waitlist.


If you know someone who has not yet been to Yoga Hot Spot and you would like them to benefit from a regular hot yoga practice, send them the info on our Intro Offer!

Sharing is caring!


I know how incredibly relieved you all are to be practicing together again at Yoga Hot Spot, getting your fix of hot yoga. It warms our hearts to have our community back.

And we are incredibly GRATEFUL for that.  Namaste my friends.

Staying Connected with Yoga Hot Spot Home Series

Staying Connected with Yoga Hot Spot Home Series

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